New Google Panda Updates

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New Google Panda Updates

12th March 2015 Internet Marketing 0

style=”float: right;” src=”” alt=”” />The SEO world revolves around Google. Whenever there are the slightest rumors of changes to Google’s algorithm the SEO world pays attention. Slight algorithm changes can lead to big differences in traffic. Previous changes meant big money, both made and lost. The most recent Google algorithm is Panda. The people at Google have been working to lower the rank of sites they consider “low quality.” June has actually seen two changes on the Panda front.

Most recently SEO professionals noticed changes in certain websites. The changes were big enough that some wondered if Google was rolling out important changes to Panda. These reports were exaggerated, as the official Google twitter account revealed. It turns out they were only making a relatively minor data refresh update. While some may see this as cause for relief it’s also a reminder how much the SEO world depends on Google, its better to always deal with company who does SEO pay for results.

Luckily Google has provided tips on how to survive the changes they are constantly making to their search engine. On their webmaster central blog they make it clear that the most important thing is a high-quality site. People looking for shortcuts are the most at risk. Google doesn’t care about your SEO business, they are focused on their business. They want to provide their users with high quality results that searchers can trust. This should serve as a reminder that while technical details are always changing the fundamentals remain the same.

Please understand that there isn’t much you can do to specifically protect your sites from these. The important thing is ultimately keeping a level head. Google says that these updates usually only impact around 1% of searches worldwide. Most of the time your sites will experience minimal impact. Still, if you feel your website was unfairly penalized at any time you can try to contact Google support to see if something might have gone wrong. If your site provides high quality content they might look into a potential error for you.

Ultimately SEO is about the long term. There are always bound to be fluctuations, whether or not Google updates their algorithm. Sometimes you have to accept that certain things are out of your control. The important thing is to focus on the things you can affect. Steadily putting out quality content is the key to making searchers happy, and that makes Google happy. You should also diversify keyword targeting. If you target many keywords losing one won’t be as painful. Google is constantly tweaking their engine to suit the needs of the people who use it to search. Ultimately in SEO you want to work with adwords management agency, rather than against it. This can mean more work in the short term but in the long run it will mean a more stable and profitable business.