The 10 Best News Apps For Ipads

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The 10 Best News Apps For Ipads

21st July 2015 Marketing Services 0

Many of us love to keep up to date with the latest news while on the go; it keeps us informed and entertained. These days, smart phones and tablets have made it easier than ever before to access the latest updates – you no longer need to take up two seats with a broadsheet newspaper. iPads in particular are perfectly suited to studying the news – a little larger than a smart phone, the screen size makes it much easier to read. If you’re looking for an iPad application that makes it easier to access news on the go, you’re in luck. Most IOS development Brisbane create apps that work on both iPhone and iPads, so you really are spoilt for choice, get more info.


Here are the best 10 news apps for iPads:

1.     Flipboard – This news app is perfect for social media lovers. It takes any website, social media platform or news feed and creates a magazine-style layout. Perfect for flipping through on your way to work! You can add Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as sources, and companies that partner directly with Flipboard provide custom formatting with each news story. Keeping up to date with the latest news has never been more user-friendly!

2.     ScoreCentre for iPad – This is the app for sports lovers. Using ESPN’s wealth of knowledge, ScoreCentre is fully customisable – meaning you can follow the leagues and teams that interest you. Monitor scores, access full recaps and view highlights – you’ll never miss a goal again!

3.     FOX Business for iPad – This app makes it easy to access any news related to business. Keep an eye on the stock market, check out the latest market news or personal finance news, and find out what’s happening in the world of small business. If you’re a businessman or businesswoman at heart, this app is for you.

4.     Pulse News for iPad – This nifty app makes news reading fun and engaging – perfect for the morning commute to work. You can use the default sources provided, or add your own favourite sites. This app also makes it easy for those who like to share articles on Twitter and Facebook.

5. – This app is a great way to see what everyone else is reading – and share articles yourself. You connect it to your Twitter account, and then follow others who have the app as well. See what they’re reading, read it yourself, and then share great articles you’ve read. This app makes news reading social.

6.     CNN App for iPad – Comprised of a beautiful grid of photos and headlines, the CNN app is perfect for the discerning news lover. The main benefit is the high standard of reporting (that you’d expect with CNN) – however it’s also loaded with great features.

7.     BBC News – Follow world issues with the BBC News app. This app brings you news from around the world, and many stories also include video coverage.

8.     The Age for iPad – This app provides readers with full access to the publication’s content. There’s a full suite of news stories on offer across a wide range of topics – and it’s all designed to be read from an iPad screen. Forget opening a broadsheet newspaper on the train – all you need is an iPad!

9.     The Huffington Post for iPad – This free app is the best way to access all of the publication’s content on your iPad. There are endless news sections to choose from, and the content quality is great.

10.Herald Sun for iPad – Similar to The Age app, the Herald Sun app gives readers full access to the publication’s content. There’s no easier way to catch up on local news.


Keep up to date

These news apps make it easy to keep up to date. If you don’t have an iPad, don’t despair. Many of these apps have been created for quality Android app development Brisbane users as well – after all, Android development is perhaps even more common than iOS development in Australia. If you love your news – or simply want a new source of entertainment for the morning commute – these 10 apps are ideal. Download them today and see for yourself!