The Ten Best Apps For Blackberry

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The Ten Best Apps For Blackberry

18th February 2015 Marketing Services 0

Once a smart phone powerhouse, BlackBerry is no longer as popular as it was a few years ago. In fact, here in Australia it accounts for less than 3% of the market share. Historically, BlackBerry has always been a ‘businessman’s phone’. Originating from a pager device, it integrates well with company databases and is ideal for those who need to access their emails on the go. These days, it’s still the phone of choice for many in Government. However despite a drop in popularity, BlackBerry still has its devotees. BlackBerry mobile devices are the only ones with a full ‘QWERTY’ keyboard (rather than a touchscreen keyboard) – and some people find that this is much more user-friendly. Since it accounts for a much smaller percentage of the market share, there are fewer apps available – people are less likely to invest in an app for what’s considered to be a relatively small audience. An iPhone developer is going to be far busier than a Blackberry app developer – there’s no doubt about that. However, there’s still a (small) market for mobile branding – and consequently there are some great apps out there.

Some of the best BlackBerry apps are:

Popcornflix (free)

This free app is available for use on the BlackBerry operating system, and it provides users with access to more than 700 movies. These full-length movies are completely free and you can stream them to your phone. The app is ad-supported, hence why there’s no charge to users.

MyAccountant ($2)

This financial tracker makes budgeting a breeze. Centred on expense tracking, it’s perfect for those who often ask themselves ‘where did all that money go?’

Paper Camera ($2)

This app first became popular with iOS and Android – now it’s available for use with BlackBerry as well. It allows you to turn photos into sketches, cartoons or comic books – it’s great fun to play with!

Gadget Box ($2)

For practical BlackBerry users, there’s nothing quite like Gadget Box – it’s basically a Swiss army knife for your phone. It includes a compass, flashlight, spirit level, protractor and Morse code generator – the list goes on!

Navita Translator (free)

Need to translate something on the go? This handy app is just what you need. It covers more than 60 different languages, and it can even read out the translation if you’re not sure how to pronounce it.

SayIt ($3)

If you’ve ever wished that your BlackBerry had a voice command function such as Siri (iOS) or Google Now (Android), then your wish has been granted. SayIt is the voice activated personal assistant for BlackBerry users.

Songza (free)

Love your music? This handy app provides you with commercial-free playlists that can be tailored to suit your mood. Playlists are put together based on different activities or moods.

AccuWeather (free)

This is the best free weather app for BlackBerry users. It’ll tell you whether it’s going to rain or not, the temperature and a number of other useful things based on your GPS location. It provides predictions up to 10 days in advance.

ReadItNow! ($2)

This simple app allows you to download articles whilst you’re using Wi-Fi (for example, at home or at work) – effectively meaning you can stock up for times when you want internet-free access to reading material.

PicShop ($4)

The latest BlackBerry phones (Z10 and Q10) have great 8 megapixel cameras, and this app allows you to make the most of it. It’s easy to use, and allows you to edit images – whether you want to enhance the look or add a humorous touch.

More choices are becoming available

BlackBerry users will be pleased to know that more and more BlackBerry-friendly apps are being developed. This includes ‘native’ mobile app development (apps that store data on the phone itself) and also dynamic web app development (apps that store their information online and work via a web browser). While there’ll never be as many BlackBerry apps in comparison to Android/iOS apps, there are some great ones out there – be sure to have a look! For more info about app development company, visit