Tips For Optimising The Performance Of A Business Blog

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Tips For Optimising The Performance Of A Business Blog

15th September 2016 Internet Marketing 0

Running a business blog is not easy. Having a blog for your business can be extremely beneficial, however, only if you maintain it properly. So, if you have a business blog, follow the below tips to optimise its performance:

Upgrade the Server

When your first started blogging for your business, you may have attracted a handful of readers. Ideally, you should end up attracting thousands of regular readers. In order to handle this amount of increasing traffic, you need a super-fast server. Also, it should fit the CMS you are using. Therefore, research online and find a Magento hosting plan with advanced features to make your blog run smoother.

Get a Plan with Extra Bandwidth

Your blog could be adding more readers, images and extra components as it matures. You cannot risk your blog going offline because your plan is too basic. Therefore, find an advanced Drupal or Magento web hosting plan with additional features to host your business blog.

Occasionally Feature Guest Bloggers

Featuring guest bloggers is a great way to revitalise a slumping blog. It’s also beneficial to both bloggers. You will be able to see a significant rise in traffic if you feature a popular guest blogger on your site. You will be able to benefit from the blogger’s popularity, and find yourself new readers. If your blog has trouble with retaining readers, occasionally feature guest bloggers in this manner.

Get Readers to Contribute

The key to retaining your target reader base is the get them engaged in your blogging efforts. Therefore, occasionally allow readers to contribute to your blog as well. You can hold Q&A sessions, or ask readers to post pictures relevant to a certain topic. This is similar to engaging readers on social media. If your readers feel vested in your blog as much as you do, they will be more likely to stay with you. Also, they will be highly likely to recommend your blog to others.

Post Videos

Your readers can easily get bored with the same old. Therefore, grab their attention by occasionally posting videos as well. Videos have the potential to go viral and increase traffic to your blog.

Reply to Comments

Don’t forget to reply to comments your blog posts receives. It’s another important method for engaging readers and retaining them.

Link to Social Media

Your blog has the highest chances for success by getting shared on social media. Therefore, don’t forget to insert social media buttons to your blog posts.
Your blog will need some time to get off the ground. In the meantime, follow the above tips to optimise performance and reader engagement.

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